Our own fleet of vehicles equipped with cold equipment to transport frozen and refrigerated products, and transport for dry foodstuffs, so that the raw material for our dishes is transferred under strict quality standards.

Own deposits on base and on site

Assembly of kitchens and dining rooms on site

Work Team

We have a work team made up of professionals in Nutrition and Quality, cooks and kitchen and service personnel, with experience and constantly trained. We know that a committed team is the differential of our service.

 With a strong policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, we are committed to incorporate people from the nearby communities of each project we implement into our team.

Raw Material

The correct selection of suppliers and the control processes in the transfer and handling of raw materials, ensure the safety and quality of our dishes.

Aware of the need for local economics, we work with a wide selection of local raw materials.

Nutrition and quality team

Aware of the responsibility of providing a balanced and healthy diet, our team of Nutritionists and Quality Managers is in charge of training staff to follow quality procedures, make periodic visits to the workplace (kitchen, dining room, warehouses), ensure safe handling of raw materials with the aim of obtaining a production circuit from purchasing it to serving the diner, ensuring healthy and safe food for human consumption.

Menu and dishes design

Our team of Nutritionists prepares cyclical menus where the variability of preparations and food selection is contemplated, meeting the needs of nutrients and calories according to the activity carried out by our clients’ staff, and also, the tastes and preferences of the diners.

We offer breakfast, breaks, snacks, lunches, snacks, and dinners, contemplating special menus such as vegetarian, vegan, celiac or low-calorie.

Own elaboration

Our experience in gastronomy added to the specialized and trained work team, result in the own elaboration of most of our products, such as the Bakery.